Actor Headshots & Casting Actor Portfolios that show your range

Say goodbye to old style overlit actor headshots showing no emotion or personality and embrace the hottest new trend –
cinematic feel casting portfolio that is tailored to specific roles by in-demand

  • Show the versatility of an actor
  • Capture personality and emotions
  • Showcase playing / casting types of an actor
  • Provide a portfolio of different images to be sent to casting agents to match a specific role
  • Catch attention / make an actor stand out
  • Give your agent the best tools to work for you – character actor portfolio of the highest standard that showcases your playing and casting types and showcase your acting potential, ability and versatility.

If you’re an actor that wants to improve your chances of getting auditions.

Standing out from the crowd and getting auditions can be a difficult task. Professional headshots that showcase your acting range can make the difference between your actor marketing kit going into the callback or the no call pile.

First impressions are everything when you’re trying to get callbacks for auditions. Professional headshots should capture your personality and acting range. They should give the casting agent or agency that looks over your file a peek into your personality and ability to convey the role they’re looking for. In short, they should bring your ideas to life.

A professional actor headshot photographer will also help you discover your inner confidence during the process of getting the perfect headshot. Professional headshots give you the confidence to apply for more auditions, increasing your chances of landing dream roles.

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